About Titan Energy



Titan Energy is a leading, full-service energy consultant headquartered in Rocky Hill, CT. We are dedicated to bringing exceptional value to nonprofit, commercial, and industrial clients operating in all of the deregulated energy markets in the U.S.

Our firm focuses on energy commodity procurement as well as on-site generation and complete turn-key solutions to help each client achieve his or her goals - whether that involves immediate savings or long-term risk management. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the information, guidance and confidence they need to make smart, customized purchasing decisions when it comes to their energy needs.


Titan’s long track record and reputation in the energy consulting business, has allowed us to develop strong relationships with suppliers—and the resulting savings are passed on to you. We pride ourselves on energy market expertise and best pricing methodology.

When you become a Titan Energy client, we are dedicated to helping you manage ongoing risk. We also offer consulting in energy-related areas such as best positioning in demand response programs, co-generation feasibility analysis, utility auditing, and demand-side management.

Titan Energy’s management team brings more than 150 combined years of industry experience to the table. With expertise in procurement and risk assessment combined with the ability to add value in other energy-related consulting areas.