Hartford Courant: South Windsor Schools Considering Solar with Help of TitanGen

Photo courtesy of Monica Jorge / Hartford Courant

Photo courtesy of Monica Jorge / Hartford Courant

With new school buildings being built and school roofs being replaced, the South Windsor board of education is looking to take advantage of solar power.

The board is working with TitanGen, a division of Rocky Hill-based Titan Energy New England, to apply for Zero Emission Renewal Energy Credits (ZREC), a state and Eversource-sponsored subsidy, to install solar panels and arrays at local schools. According to Chris Chemerka, the school system’s director of finance operations, solar “has the potential to provide the taxpayers of South Windsor cost savings as well as generate clean energy which has a positive effect on the environment as a whole.”

Adam Teff, general manager of TitanGen, said municipalities and school districts don’t own the panels when placed on their buildings. The panels would be installed, owned and maintained by a third party, with the town benefiting from the electricity savings.

Teff said there is “zero out-of-pocket” expenses for the school system. He said if everything goes according to plan, the solar panels would be installed by the summer of 2020.

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