Titan Energy, Juice Bar Partner to Expand Public EV Charging Access


HARTFORD, October 3, 2019 -- Titan Energy New England and Juice Bar, a Division of Oasis Charger
Corporation, announced a joint initiative to promote electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to Titan
customers around the country.

Titan Energy, a leading energy advisor to commercial and industrial firms, has negotiated an arrangement
whereby its customers can buy or lease state-of-the-art charging stations that have been customized with a
branded UV protected and weatherproof wrap.

“Titan’s partnership with Juice Bar not only gives our organization a roadmap for continuing to deliver
creative, innovative energy solutions, but it also helps us communicate our commitment to our customers
and the surrounding community by offering them greater and more varied opportunities for growth,” said
Chris Ramm, Titan Energy’s Vice President and General Manager. “With the fast growth of the EV market, this program provides business owners a cost effective and worry-free option to provide what is, increasingly, a requirement in every parking lot.”

Ramm said that the customized stations “have the potential to attract tenants and customers as well as
attract and retain employees”.

Titan plans to market the Juice Bar EV chargers to hotels, college campuses, hospitals, commercial and
residential parking lots, municipal buildings and other property owners that want both reliable chargers as
well as what Ramm called the “green branding” that comes with promoting electric vehicles.

Paul Vosper, CEO of Oasis Charger Corporation, said that his company “welcomes the partnership with
Titan as a solutions provider to help customers navigate the fast growth of the EV market. As the number
of chargers increases in each location, integration with a building’s power management systems becomes
imperative. Titan provides that expertise.”

Vosper said that Juice Bar’s new Gen. 3 charger is the most powerful Level 2 charger on the market,
providing “both greater power, with its 80-amp charge capabilities, and the most sophisticated energy
management solutions, all at the lowest cost in the industry.”

In the next decade, an additional 2 million EV chargers are projected to be installed in the United States
as a wave of new electric vehicles are expected to hit the market. As a result, partnerships like the one
between Titan Energy and Juice Bar are key to expanding public access to electric vehicle charging
nationwide and to responsible environmental, social and governance operating initiatives.

About Titan Energy New England

Titan Energy New England is a supplier-neutral energy procurement and consulting group dedicated to
bringing exceptional value to industrial, commercial, nonprofit and municipal customers. Titan Energy’s specialized consultants work with clients to identify the energy provider that best meets their specific
needs, and offer data-driven procurement and consulting solutions in deregulated markets throughout the

About Juice Bar

Juice Bar was founded in 2009 by leaders in the parking industry to develop sustainable parking and
promote electric mobility. Juice Bar’s EV products are now deployed across 101 cities in the United
States and Canada. Its chargers are located in apartment buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, university
campuses and in retail locations. Municipal, state and federal government agencies rely on Juice Bar for
public and private electric vehicle fleet charging programs.

Jami Horton
Marketing Director, Titan Energy
(860) 436-2768, Ext. 103