Longtime Regional Grower Selects the Team of Titan Energy New England and Earthlight Technologies to Construct Solar Array

Photo credit: Earthlight Technologies

With more than 35 years of cultivating lush, thriving products under their belts, Prides Corner Farms, a family owned regional grower located in Lebanon, Conn., teamed up with Titan Energy New England and Earthlight Technologies to install a 1.7-acre solar power array last year. The solar panels cover the farm’s “shopping area,” where more than 2,200 varieties of plants are grown and supplied to independent garden centers, wholesale yards and landscapers throughout the northeast region of the country.

“The solar panels on the roof of our shipping area are a home run for Prides Corner. We are a leader in the green industry, nationally, and have a responsibility to be a great environmental steward. The installation of these panels makes this stewardship a reality in our town and our industry. We are proud to be an example of what others can and should do to promote green energy solutions.” - Timothy Kane, Marketing Manager for Prides Corner Farms.

The project began nearly two years ago, when Prides Corner Farms poured the cement for their “shopping area.” The company began looking for a way to reduce its operating costs while producing the needed power requirements in a clean, carbon-free way. After determining Prides Corner Farms would be a perfect candidate for a solar installation, Titan Energy New England joined the project along with Earthlight Technologies. A roof was built over the shopping area and 19 pallets of solar panels were installed on the south side.

“Prides Corner has been a longtime customer of Titan Energy and we’ve enjoyed a great relationship over the years. They had already started thinking in this direction and, like with any good idea, it took a total team view created by Prides Corner, Titan Energy and EarthLight Technologies to bring it to reality. Not only has the addition of solar power improved conditions for both employees and products, but it has resulted in a significant cost reduction for the business and a great contribution to clean, renewable energy. It’s a complete home run.” - Chris Ramm, Vice President and General Manager at Titan Energy New England.

The project was completed on Dec. 31, 2016, and has already provided significant savings to the company, improved working conditions for its 150 employees and has contributed to a green environment.

About Titan Energy New England
Titan Energy New England is a supplier-neutral broker and consulting group dedicated to bringing exceptional value to industrial, commercial and nonprofit customers who want to take charge of their gas and electricity expenses. Titan Energy’s specialized consultants work with clients to identify the energy provider that best meets their specific needs, and offer data-driven procurement and consulting solutions in deregulated markets throughout the Eastern region of the U.S.

About Earthlight Technologies
Earthlight Technologies is a local, family owned and operated business that provides turnkey solar solutions. Earthlight provides solutions for residential solar, commercials solar and commercial energy efficiency. Our services include in-house custom design, engineering, construction, financing, system monitoring, operations and maintenance. Our team is comprised of 50 employees and more than 375 customers, we are proficient in providing full-service solar solutions. Earthlight offers solar solutions that are affordable for every budget and we offer flexible finance options. Earthlight guarantees quality every step of the way.

About Prides Corner Farms
Prides Corner Farms is a family owned regional grower that has spent the last three decades serving the northeast quadrant of the country. Prides Corner grows more than 2,200 varieties of plants on more than 500 acres, and supplies independent garden centers, wholesale yards and landscapers from Maine to Virginia with lush, colorful, retail-ready products.