New Computer Data Center Powered by Natural Gas Opens in Seattle

Earlier this week, three companies - Cummins, McKinstry and Microsoft - unveiled a pilot project aimed at reducing energy loss through the use of natural gas-powered fuel cells.

The project, which is said to be the first of its kind, has begun taking place at the new Advanced Energy Lab in Seattle. It should improve reliability and efficiency, and reduce operating costs of a data center, according to Christian Belady, general manager of Microsoft’s Development and Acquisition team.

"By generating electricity close by — literally on top of the computing hardware — Microsoft's new design eliminates the inefficiency of producing electricity at a distant power plant and transporting it long distances to data centers. That could trim the energy footprint of the fast-growing data-center business, eliminating a portion of the carbon emissions that fuel global warming, and, in the process, save Microsoft a lot of cash."

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