EV Charger Leasing Program


Brand Impact

Juice Bar charging stations allow businesses to enhance their brand, create new business opportunities, attract new customers and retain or attract employees. These custom designs are tailored to your business and are UV protected and weatherproof.

Key Features:

  • A connected mini bar double for circa $220 a month

  • 5 years of networked service included

  • Includes maintenance and a 5-year extended warranty (parts and labor)

  • Includes our latest “tough connector”

  • At the end of the lease, simply return return or purchase the unit or extend the lease term

  • Additional options can be provided to customize each charger for your specific needs and requirements

juice bar.png

EV Opportunities

  • Grants and Incentives. Various government and utility funding programs support charger purchases as well as installation.

  • Turn Key Services. Coordination of funding applications, installation and commissioning are available.

  • Connectivity. Over-the-air updates and remote access to enable real-time updates, load sharing and demand response.

  • Maintenance. Simple inspection and cleaning.

  • Income. OCCP 1.6 compliant chargers enable revenue collection via EV Networks.

  • Carbon Credits. Monetize the distribution of energy to EVs and offset of tailpipe emissions.

  • Sponsorship. Custom wraps provide a variety of sponsorship opportunities.

  • Property Ratings. Opt into network maps and attract EV driving tenants and customers; Improve green building certifications.