Titan solutions

The energy market is constantly changing -- by season, with the economy, in response to weather events and as a result of change energy policy. At Titan Energy, it's our job to monitor all energy influences and get the best and the most stable pricing for you.



Comprehensive audit of your current and past utility billing to identify and correct errors of various parameters associated
with your invoice. These errors translate to immediate savings and potential to recover past over-payment amounts on
either your electricity or natural gas accounts.


utility incentives

We will help create an effective energy management plan to reduce your consumption and cost. By conducting an audit of your organization's current energy system, we can find ways to help improve the efficency of your energy consumption. We know the one guaranteed way to save on your energy expenses: use less!



Titan is an energy consulting firm focused on building strong customer relationships by providing creative energy solutions. We create value through customized efficiency and conservation plans that help you use less energy and save even more.